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Six Star Motorsports

Six Star Shenanigans from PRI! ... See MoreSee Less


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Wow mastercam is there. That's my software.

@birdgraveyard on Instagram is amazing I expect you guys to be submitting to them

So cool fuel pumps?

Better be live for bird

I use mastercam daily.

You need to get a spec b Steve level trailer

Thank you

Need those on your engines dewey

whats up warranty

you guys gonna be there tomorrow

Do those seats work with Hans?

Local time is 2:06pm FYI

Let's go skate I'm down!

Glad I waited on injectors. I want those.

Where are you??

Were on our way!

More show, less face

You said you want to see more. You could see everything if you were on Warranty's shoulders.

So you are early smart ass

I already did 😉

You mean and hour early?

Yea, count me in for next year lol

The bird racing is gonna be better

Hola me amigos

It’s a day of celebrations

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5 days ago

Six Star Motorsports

Ask Six Star and Boosted Performance Tuning anything as we drive to PRI! ... See MoreSee Less


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Would you rather stub your pinky toe or have the back of your heel be hit by a shopping cart

Would you put your gosh darn seat belts on!

This was a fun trip last year

Is it open to the public unlike sema?

Thank you guys. I'll be in touch. I'm west coast.

My question is what y'all got in there for snacks?

Field trip to PRI or just hanging out?

I saw a post about the female connectors that break tabs for coil packs. Where can I get those connectors. I have a busted one.

Any recommendations on a place that sells pistons, bearings, gaskets, and timing kit for an 01 forester......keeping stock just a refresh trying to keep low cost

With the millions of products out there and variations of this and that. What is the one thing a Subaru could really benefit from that doesn't have an out of the box product you can just buy and put on.

Technical question. What can cause massive oil pressure increase in an ej207?

Do you work on cars other than Subaru’s?

Should we wait for the 2020 sti or just get any sti ?

Eric are you or are you not sleeping with Ken Kane and I?

Not a trip without corn nuts and twizzlers

Marvin looks so thrilled! So what kind of food goodies should one put in ones car to make the shop guys happy?

Indiana the place to drive through to get somewhere better.

Does the Grimmspeed TMIC live up to the hype?

oh look, bang bus meets pri. this should be fun

I had a 84 Monte Carlo with a 350 and 100 shot. I was 15 and only drive it once. Lol. Then we sold it.

What's the best twin scroll for an ej207?

Car will be daily but I would like to track it here and there

Recommend Fuel Pump Flex fueled for a daily driver Subi with a VF52

If you could “change a rule” in each of your respective time attack classes what would it be and why?

Last question. Should I upgrade my fa transmission into a sti transmission or just upgrade the clutch and flywheel ?

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Fair pricing, expert mechanics, great customer service. Downside is that they are always booked; shows how good they are. Even if you aren't a customer, they will steer you in the right direction for parts or advice. if you care about your Subaru/ turbo-awd car, this place is for you.
18:49 01 Nov 18
I can't say enough good things about this shop. I've been working with them for years and they have always helped me out in times of need. Even if it was a simple oil change on my Crosstrek or a full engine build it's always a pleasure working with these guys. They will always be my go to shop!
Maharshee Patel
Maharshee Patel
04:15 01 Nov 18
Needed to fix an annoying leak that no one could source and fix but, Mark and the crew took great care of me, they found it and took care of it. Pointed out what needed to be do done and what as looking good. Huge thanks to Six Star Motorsports will definitely go back if I ever need work and would recommend you give them a call!
Pablo Patino
Pablo Patino
03:22 09 Sep 18
The team at Six Star is wonderful! They took amazing care of my Forester during its 60K/brake service, and the car feels great. Even took time to schedule a secondary inspection to diagnose a potential clutch issue. They are knowledgable, happy to answer questions, and make you feel very welcome. No doubt they are the best around, and only want the best for you and your vehicle.
Christina Hoblin
Christina Hoblin
21:32 17 Aug 18
Love this place! Always a friendly person there that's willing to help listen and teach. Great selection on items. If you want it and do not see it dont be hesitant to ask I'm sure they can get it for you and more than likely at a lower price as well. This place would be my first selection on localized performance knowledge based people. Highly recommended!
D Pits
D Pits
02:11 25 May 18